Vahan Puja / Ayudha Puja

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What is a Vahan puja? It’s a Hindu ceremony to consecrate or bless a new or used vehicle and keep it safe from bad influences.

Hindus bless all items and implements that are used in daily life. Puja is done at the inception of your connection to the item. When you buy a new car or a home, you do the puja before driving the car or moving into the new house.

When can we do the Vahana Puja?

On the Ayudha Puja day, while purchasing New vehicle or when you observe any adverse symptoms, one can perform this Vahana Puja.

While selecting days for the Vahana puja, we have to avoid the following : Rahu Kala, Yamaganda timings on the day, Saturday and Tuesday, Ashtami and Navami Titis.

What are the benefits of doing Vahana Puja?

It removes :

  • The adverse effects caused due to Eyes Drishti (gaze) by other people.
  • Negativity attached with the places (sthala doshas)
  • Negative illusionary thoughts or dreams occurring to the driver
  • Evil forces – Dead persons souls attack (Bhuta, Preda, Pisaca doshas)

The Vahan puja by removing all the above issues ensures a protecting shield to the driver and the passengers.

Is there any need to go to temples and do these type of Vahana Puja?

Definitely NOT. Vahana puja is to be performed by the owner himself. How much we love our vehicle that much it is essential to do this puja on our own. When you perform this puja with the help of another temple priest, we have to understand that they are doing puja only to earn money.

They are not pure souls. Their whims and fancies will affect your vehicles too. So it is always better to perform this vahan puja on your own. We have given this puja in a simplified way. You can complete it in less than 20 minutes. Puja means connecting the supreme soul with our soul. Others do not do it on behalf of us. Remember these words.

How to perform the Vahan Puja?

If there is a need to send the vehicle to the service station, complete it before the puja. Clean your vehicle inside and outside with water. Apply Sandal paste and kumkum on the Eight sides of the Car, On the place of Engine (Bonnet), Vehicle’s Key, On the Wheels, Steering wheel etc., Decorate the vehicle with garlands and flowers as per your ability.

Keep the vehicle key on the Bonnet / on the seat with flowers. Before doing puja, we have to take a clean bath, wear a traditional or neat dress, adhere to the religious symbols on the forehead and other parts of our body.

Things needed for Vahan Puja.

Turmeric powder, Sandal paste, Kumkum, Akshata, incense sticks, cotton wicks, ghee/oil for Deepa, Camphor, nuts, Sweets, Match Box, Lord Ganesha Photo for the dashboard, Vahan Durghatna Nivaraka Yantra.

एक पीली कौड़ी को काले धागे में पिरोकर बुधवार के दिन अपनी कार या वाहन पर लटका दें। से आपके वाहन की रक्षा करेगा और आपको इससे सदा अच्‍छा लाभ ही मिलेगा।

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In Which direction Vahana Puja to be performed? Place your vehicle facing East or North. You have to stand facing West or North.

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